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A Spring Clean!

Spring is a period of growth, renewal, and of coming back to life again after the winter months. The days get longer and brighter, helping boost our mood, our overall sense of wellbeing, and also our energy levels. Spring energies evoke freshness, colour, and a sense of anticipation.

The cherry blossoms are a beautiful visual of the rebirth cycle as they start to bud and blossom.

As new life and energies come in, it brings to mind the need to release the old first, in order to make space for the new. This concept tends to relate to our living space where the removal of clutter and items no longer fit for purpose, help to remove stagnant energy and give our homes an energetic boost.

A ‘Spring clean’ can also be useful for clearing our own stagnant energies and giving ourselves a boost, such as bringing awareness to:

- Eating the right foods to nourish our physical body

- The words and phrases we use and the energy attached to these

- The emotions we hold deep down that may be keeping us stuck

- What we do to relax… to truly and deeply relax our mind and body.

Is it time to clear the old, and bring in a fresh way of being?

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