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Resolutions or Intentions?

As the year ends and another begins, our thoughts often turn to making resolutions. We resolve to change something in our life that we aren’t happy with and often make a sweeping, rigid negative statement around what we are not going to do for the rest of the year!

Within days our strict resolve has given up and we are back on our old familiar track of doing what we didn’t want to be doing, and being harsh on ourselves for failing.

If this sounds like you, please don’t worry. We have 9 months ahead in which to make changes. Creating positive intentions can be a much more gentle, successful and motivational process if we follow the 3 P criteria:

  • Positive

Take your resolution and flip it into a sentence using positive words only

  • Present

Word your intention in the present tense, like you have already achieved it

  • Personal

Your intention must be personal to you in that you are the only one who has control

over it; you are not waiting for something else to happen before you can achieve it.

By working in this way, it changes our low vibration resolutions into high vibration intentions. These high vibration intentions send positive energy to ourselves of what it is we want and our mind sets to work on bringing our awareness to opportunities that can make this a reality.

Positive energy always talks to the Universe so we may also attract a bit of Universal synchronicity and magic our way!

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